Information is Power.
The Right Information At The Right Time,
Is Transformational!
Dr. Alex Loyd, PhD

Introducing the ultimate informational tool about - you

The problem - 99% + of the information/knowledge/wisdom you have to make decisions is not available to you. It's hidden in the unconscious.

This simply means you can't access it. Or can you?

In this 99% is vital, life changing information concerning: your health and what is going on inside your body that NO health test in existence will detect. Your body issues including the best diet, metabolism and weight loss path for you. Critical information about what you are best at, as far as job and career choices. The real truth about why you can't seem to experience the success you want. Relationship secrets that are the absolute key to intimacy with you and - anybody!

I hope you get the idea. This 99% information can mean all the difference as far as changing your life for the better. The BETTER is in that 99%.

The Truth Technique is a bio-energetic testing procedure that allows you to access 99% of your inner wisdom easily, and accurately. This type of testing is taught in universities all over the world, and is growing and spreading like wildfire. You may have heard of it - it is often called "muscle testing" or "Bio-energetic Testing"

"Bio-energetic Testing" is, in my opinion, the single most sensitive diagnostic tool that exists in the world today." ~Salvey Yurkovsky M.D. (Manhattan Cardiologist)


"We have at our fingertips a means of accurately distinguishing truth from falsehood, workable from unworkable, benevolent from malign. We can illuminate the hidden forces, hitherto overlooked, that determine human behavior. We have as our disposal a means of finding answers to previously unresolved personal and social problems. Falsehood need no longer hold sway over our lives." ~David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D., author of "Power vs Force, The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior"

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Muscle testing has several problems:

It is subject to muscle fatigue, weakness, or injury.

It can be easily biased.

It is cumbersome - it usually requires a trained helper.

A phenomenon called "reversal" can literally reverse the test results.

The Truth Technique solves these problems by using a different biological system. The Truth Technique does not rely on muscle strength.

In contrast to most bio-energetic testing, The Truth Technique is an advanced form of kinesiology

Truth Technique is an advanced form of Kinesiology:

  • You can do this for yourself

  • You can do it by yourself

  • You do not have to worry about tiring muscles

  • You do not have to worry about false readings

  • It's convenient, fast and easy

  • With practice you get better and better over time

  • It provides simple methods to overcome reversal

We believe The Truth Technique will become an indispensable part of your daily life that allows you to factor in the missing 99% of your inherent knowledge to any and every situation.

The Truth Technique does not make you all knowing. It does however provide you with a powerful tool to help access your inner information and to test your environment to discover what works well for you and what doesn't.

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