for the FIRST time ever!

Dr. Alex’s first addition in 15 years will take your Healing Experience to a whole new level!

Join Dr. Alex for a special LIVE workshop on July 9th!
Be the FIRST to learn about his greatest discovery in 15 years - an advanced version of The Healing Codes that address deeper life issues and get to the powerful roots behind physical and non-physical pain.

Discovered 15 years to the day from the original Healing Codes discovery, The Healing Codes II are a completely different mechanism and technique than the original Healing Codes. These “life codes” are a series of therapeutic techniques that heal...

Conflict between man and woman 1) Thoughts, feelings and beliefs (spiritual, mental, physical)

2) Physical and non-physical pain (through two separate codes)

3) The source of illness, disease and dysfunction (spiritual, mental, physical)

4) Negative actions and behaviors (actually reprogramming your mind to change patterns and behaviors!)

The workshop is an eight-hour immersive experience where The Healing Codes II will be shared and you will receive customized coaching on how to use them. You will be the first to learn about this incredible new technique and get hands-on training from Dr. Alex himself that will change your life from the inside out! With the exception of our LT3 program, this is the most powerful healing experience yet.

The Healing Codes II Revealed

This special Healing Codes II workshop will be offered through a live, in-person event in Nashville with a remote streaming broadcast so you that you can tune in anywhere in the world. The workshop will feature two morning sessions and two afternoon sessions, and special coaching and Q&A time with Dr. Alex. During these sessions, we will:

  • Reveal The Healing Codes II – the practice, methods and distinguishing factors of this new technique

  • Lay a foundation of research and reason as to why and how The Healing Codes and Healing Codes II help heal the source of any problem you can have

  • Give you access to video of the event afterwards, so you can refresh what you learned as you begin your practice at home

  • Teach you how to heal deep life issues so you can experience your fullest and happiest life

  • Walk through the Healing Codes and Healing Codes II exercises to do hands-on healing for every issue of your life

  • Send you off with Custom Guided Codes - more powerful codes that use both Healing Codes and Healing Codes II - for you to continue to use for healing at home

  • Present how to use Healing Codes I and II together for a more powerful and effective healing experience than you have ever had

This workshop is a unique opportunity to learn the newest practice from Dr. Alex –  his most exciting discovery in more than a decade – and experience live, hands-on coaching that will create a customized and powerful technique to heal whatever issue you’re facing.

It's Time To Thrive

On April 15, 2016 - exactly 15 years to the day since I discovered The Healing Codes in 2001 - I suffered with bad acid reflux all night. This was my biggest health issue in 2001, and the first thing healed when I started doing The Healing Codes. Surprised and perplexed by its return after 15 years, I began praying.

I knew something was needed that I did not yet know about. It was then that God revealed The Healing Codes II to me - a powerful new healing practice that complements The Healing Codes to get to the root of deep life issues. Not only did my reflux go away and not return, but I recognized that this method was about healing NON-physical pain as well - reprogramming our minds, spirits and behaviors to truly thrive in life.

I could not be more excited to share this powerful new technique with you, and I hope you will join me on July 9!

Pricing and The Details
3 Program Options To Choose From

The Platinum Program (Live in Nashville)

  • LIVE in person with Dr. Alex in Nashville
  • Limited Number of Participants (20)
  • Catered Lunch With Dr. Alex and His Lovely Wife Hope
  • DVD's Shipped To You After Production Completed
  • Digital Access to Member's Area For Content
Register Me Now1 Payment @$497

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Register Me Now2 Payments @$260

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Can't Make It In Person?

Even if you can’t make it to Nashville on July 9, you can still experience this incredible event and be among the first to learn about The Healing Codes II.

We are offering multiple ways to tune in remotely, including a live broadcast of the event, digital access post-event and CD/DVDs of the event.

Our hope is that anyone in need of this method will be able to access this amazing new content!


Silver Program Access

  • Live Event Access via Phone or Internet
  • Members Area To Access Video Content After The Event
Register Me Now1 Payment @$197

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Gold Program Access
(Only 50 Available)

  • Live Event Access via Phone or Internet
  • Members Area To Access Video Content After The Event
  • DVD's Sent To You After Production Completed
Register Me Now1 Payment @$297


Register Me Now2 Payments @$170

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